10 Platinum Ideas for Direct Mail Envelopes

10 Platinum Ideas for Direct Mail Envelopes

April 4, 2011  |  Articles, Biz Tips

Before your direct mail piece is opened, the envelope is the most important element. (After it is opened, it becomes the least important.) Here are 10 tips from the late direct marketing guru Ray Jutkins for getting it right.

  1. Identify yourself. You wouldn’t print a brochure without your company info, so don’t send a direct mail package without it on the outside.
  2. Size, color, shape and paper do matter. Doing something unconventional will get immediate attention.
  3. Teaser copy. Begin your message on the outside; it gives readers a reason to go inside.
  4. Include graphics. Your audience expects graphics. Give them what they want, beginning on the envelope.
  5. Ue the front AND back. 75% of people will turn your envelope over before opening.
  6. Print each recipient’s address. NEVER use a label
  7. Try windows for your message. Words or pictures showing through a window can effectively grab attention.
  8. Try a “lumpy” package. Whether it’s a box, a tube, a bubble pack or whatever, three-dimensional packages always work.
  9. Lead with your very best offer. If your best offer doesn’t work, nothing less will be close to working.
  10. Start with benefits. Use facts and figures to support your benefit statements, or include a testimonial on your envelope.

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